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Fact Sheet for Judges, Parole, and Probation Officers

Organized in June of 2020, Opening the Word Peer Recovery Center is a non-profit, tax exempt 501c3 located in Webster, MA.  The Center’s mission is to support the recovery of adults who suffer from substance use disorder using a holistic approach in an environment of understanding and compassion based upon Judeo-Christian values and beliefs.    

  • Our services and programs are free of charge.  

  • We have on-site recovery coaches and peer support specialists.

  • We have a large network to which we make referrals for clinical treatment for both substance use and mental health disorders.

  • We understand that substance use disorder is a community wide disease that requires a community wide response and resolution.  Our Center allows us to reach further into the community, beyond the individual, resulting in a more systems-wide approach.

  • Our holistic approach to recovery offers programs that address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual natures of the individual.

Why You Should Refer Individuals to Opening the Word
  • Our programs can assist the individual to remain accountable to the Court, parole, or probation.

  • Our Center can provide a much-needed safe environment for individuals to seek positive socialization and encouragement which can help reduce recidivism.  

  • Participation in our programs can be employed as a requirement for individuals enrolled in Drug Court.

  • Judges, parole and probation officers can receive timely reports from Center staff regarding the individual’s participation and progress in our programs.

Need more information?

Contact Rev. Janice Ford at 508-330-8073 or email at

To see more detail on our programs, visit our website at as well as Facebook and Instagram at Opening the Word Webster.

Board of Directors

The Rev. Janice Ford, President

Webster Chief of Police Michael Shaw, Vice President

Kevin King, Treasurer

Kwasi Acheampong, Director

Shelley Christensen, Director

Joseph Navin, Director

Kristin Reed, Director

Jose Vazquez, Manager

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