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Become a Member


Opening the Word Peer Recovery Center is meant to provide support and resources to people in recovery from any kind of addiction, and, whenever possible, to their loved ones as well. 


Our goal in providing an opportunity for membership is not to be exclusionary in any way, but rather to offer a sense of belonging. 

Lending a Helping Hand

Though ALL are welcome to utilize our support and resources, those who opt to become members will receive "first dibs" on signing up for certain activities or programs where there might be a cut-off in participation, as well as early notification of events and activities being planned.  




All that is required to become a member is a simple sign up.  We WILL NOT share your contact information with any individual, company, marketer, vendor, social media outlet, or other recovery organization.

If you would like to become a member of Opening the Word Peer Recovery Center, Inc., you can do so in several ways:


In all instances please use the Membership Enrollment form below to sign up. 

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