Art is a physical expression of one’s thoughts and feelings.  Regardless of the medium used, the end product speaks volumes about the individual without the use of words.  For that reason, art is a perfect means for someone in recovery to express the highs and lows of his or her recovery journey.

art for recovery

FRIDAYS 6 - 7:00PM

Our weekly Music in Recovery sessions are led by John Wayne Cormier, local vocalist and guitarist in recovery.  Participants each share one song representative of their addiction struggle and one that is meaningful to or representative of their recovery. The songs can be played or sung by the participant, played or sung by John,  or played from the Internet. Participants who play an instrument are invited to bring it for accompaniment. The sharing of the songs is followed by an opportunity to explain their meaning or representation. 


We offer recovery support programs and assistance focused on the following communities: Webster, Dudley, Oxford, Southbridge, Douglas, and Worcester. Looking for additional peer recovery resources?