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PROGRAMS & Activities

One of the most important things we know about addiction recovery is that it needs to include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components.  With that in mind, Opening the Word Peer Recovery Center provides a multi-faceted approach to recovery while diligently seeking to expand offerings across all disciplines. 

The Center offers a physical fitness component through multiple venues including a partnership with the FitForYou Studio, sober hikes, and more!

Also offered at the Center is a Music in Recovery program where sharing songs helps the group to communicate their thoughts and feelings when their own words may be lacking.

Creativity is key in the betterment of yourself, and the Center's Art Recovery program allows the participants to show who they really are to the world.

Recovery is not complete without the help from others. Multiple different sessions, including Peer Recovery Coaching, helps everyone to help each other through tough times by relaying their own struggles and victories.


Click below to learn more about the offerings at the Opening the Word Peer Recovery Center. 

Seeking recovery is scary. It takes a lot of courage to walk through the door.


“If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.”

Consider Doating

Opening the Word, Inc. is a non-profit that exists solely on donations and grants. We have no other source of income. Though we work very hard to keep our costs down, we have to pay rent and utilities every month, along with the typical costs of running this kind of service.  None of our staff or Board Members are paid. Any amount you can donate will be helpful, and 100% of your donation will be used to sustain the facility and the services we provide.


You may click below to donate, or please make your check payable to Opening the Word Peer Recovery Center, Inc. and mail it to P.O. Box 536, Webster, MA 01570.  

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